Ons Kliënte is ons mense; Ons mense is ons Kliënte
Our People are our Clients; Our Clients are our People


Short-term insurance, generally speaking, covers your possessions. It refers to car insurance, home insurance, cellphone insurance, travel insurance, and so on. Think of it this way: what are the conditions in your life that can change over the next five years? You may buy a new house, new TV or a new car.

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Long-term insurance refers to a range of insurance products that provide you either with an income in the long term – usually when you retire – or a lump sum of money should you become permanently disabled or pass away.

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Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is a type of protection policy that covers agricultural producers against unexpected loss of projected crop yields or profits from product sales at the market. Crop insurance is divided into two categories: crop yield and crop revenue.

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Delkor Brokers are leading Financial Insurance Advisors that have been trading since 1964. We deliver a dynamic service to our clients. Our competent staff here at Delkor Brokers have built personal relationships with their clients and insurers over the years and are focused to deliver on every client’s unique insurance portfolio.  What is the price of peace of mind? We take pride in knowing our clients become our friends because you as a client are very important to us. You can contact us directly to submit your claim, ask for insurance advice or update your information.